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Paid content

Did you know that one of the areas that in recent years has experienced an EXPLOSIVE GROWTH is the online writing jobs?

Today there are BILLIONS of websites on the Internet.

In fact, hundreds of thousands of websites are published each week.

And many owners of those websites, desperately need people to write content for them.

Many of these websites deal with topics related to sports, cooking, travel, business, games, hobbies, television, cinema, finance, technology, relationships and a variety of topics.

And as globalization has advanced, companies or individuals own these websites are hiring people from around the world to work from home writing for them.

content marketing freelance

The article should be well written and should contain at least 700 + words.

The content should be unique, original and exclusively written by you, which means you can not post it anywhere else. In case the content is copied or published elsewhere, you won’t be paid.

The content should be well written and easy to understand language. (Subject to editing the article to correct spelling errors or change the layout of the certificate to match the normal parameters used in the blog.)

The links within the article are permitted only if they are of great importance to the content itself. Links to SEO anchored irrelevant and links are not permitted.

You should add a short bio about yourself at the end of the article, you can include links to your blog, website or social networking accounts.  The links in your bio or within the article should be neither affiliate links or links to pornographic, offensive or violent. You can also send your avatar which is what will be next to the biography and back links.

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Click here to Download websites List which pay up to 100$  for your unique Content

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